Reviews by Author

Reviews by Author



Adair, Marina                                     Chasing I Do

Adams, Noelle                                   Christmas at Eden Manor

Alstedter, Nikki                                 Pain Free Posture Handbook

Anderson, Michelle                         Clean Eating Weeknight Plan

Anderson, Toni                                 Cold Malice

Andre, Bella                                        I Love How You Love Me

                                                                Kissing Under The Mistletoe

Andresen, Tammy                           Hot Winter Nights Collection

                                                                Stealing a Lady’s Heart

                                                                Taming A Christmas Wallflower

                                                                Taming A Duke’s Heart

                                                                Taming A Duke’s Reckless Heart

                                                                Taming a Duke’s Wild Rose

                                                                Taming a Lairds Wild Lady

                                                                Taming a Rake Into A Lord

                                                                Taming a Rogue Earl

                                                                Taming A Savage Gentleman

                                                                The Golden Rules of Love

                                                                The Wicked Earls’ Club


Ankrum, Barbara                              The Cowgirls Christmas Wish

Ashby, Anne                                      Impossible Liaison


Banister, Tracie                                 Mixing It Up

Barrett, Grant                                    Perfect English Grammar

Barron, Lynne                                    Courting Chaos

Belcamino, Kristi                               Blessed are the Peacemakers

Belcamino, Kristi                               Gia in the City of the Dead

Belcamino, Kristi                               The Saint

Bennett, Amy Rose                         An Improper Christmas

Bennett, Amy Rose                         Hot Winter Nights Collection

Bennett, Amy Rose                         The Master of Strathburn

Berlin, Irving                                       Easter Parade

Bielman, Robin                                  Once Upon A Royal Christmas

Blake, Sienna                                     Beautiful Revenge

                                                                Hanging In The Stars

                                                                Love Sprung From Hate

                                                                Mr. Blackwell’s Bride

                                                                The Scent Of Roses

Boyd, Heather                                   Hot Winter Nights Collection

Boyd, Heather                                   The Duke and I

Brennan, Allison                               Shattered

Brett, Jan                                             The Mermaid

Brooks, Kathleen                              Bluegrass Dawn

Brooks, Kathleen                              The Keeneston Roses

Brooks, Kathleen                              The Perfect Gift

Brower, Dawn                                   Hot Winter Nights Collection

Brower, Dawn                                   Secluded with My Hellion

Bruner, Sondi                                     Candida Free Cookbook

Burns, K.S.R.                                       The Paris Effect

Burrell, Teresa                                   Mason’s Missing

Bush, Christine                                  Meddling Mona



Carmichael, C.J.                                A Bramble House Christmas

Carmichael, C.J.                                A Cowgirls Christmas

Carmichael, C.J.                                Bitter Roots

Carmichael, C.J.                                Buried

Carmichael, C.J.                                Close To Her Heart

Carmichael, C.J.                                Devoted To Her Cowboy

Carmichael, C.J.                                Exposed

Carmichael, C.J.                                Forgotten

Carmichael, C.J.                                Good Together

Carmichael, C.J.                                Melt My Heart Cowboy

Carmichael, C.J.                                Promise Me Cowboy

Carmichael, C.J.                                Snowbound In Montana

Carmichael, C.J.                                Sweet Dreams Baby

Carmichael, Kathy                            Chasing Charlie

Carpenter, Rebecca                        Butterfly Bones

Collins, Dani                                        His Christmas Miracle

Cooper, Sharon                                 Superfood Spike

Curran, DP                                          Swampoodle


Dallen, Maggie                                  Sweet Tricks

                                                                The Wicked Earls’ Club

Dell, Harper                                        Holding My Breath


                                                                Miracle Guy

Devon, Eva                                          A Rogue’s Christmas Kiss

Donovan, Robin                                The Deceptively Easy Dessert Cookbook

Drewry, Laura                                    Catch and Release

                                                                Lured In

                                                                Off The Hook

Duke, Violet                                       Jackson’s Trust

Durano, Liz                                          Everything She Ever Wanted


Eligen, Pamela                                   Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook

Ellen, Cassi                                          Story Of A Secret Heart

Ellison, J T                                            Lie To Me

English, Raine                                    Amy

                                                                An Angel For Christmas

                                                                Destiny’s Secret

From Now On

                                                                Loves Light

                                                                Saving Laurel

                                                                Second Glance/Fall into Romance Box Set

                                                                Shadows and Lies

Epstein, Shannon                             The Easy Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook


Falcone, Carmen                              Brazilian Capture

                                                                Forbidden Inmate

                                                                Forbidden Step Brother

                                                                Forbidden Virgin

Faye, Jennifer                                    Snowbound with an Heiress

Feenstra, Paul                                   Boundary

                                                                Falls Ende: The Oath

Firsts, Meredith                                Gridley Girls

FitzSimmons, Matthew                 Cold Harbor

Foley, Karen                                       A Hummingbird Christmas

Force, Marie                                       All You Need Is Love

                                                                And I Love Her

                                                                Can’t Buy Me Love

                                                                Celebration After Dark

                                                                Desire After Dark

                                                                Every Little Thing

                                                                Fatal Frenzy

                                                                Fatal Scandal, Book 8

                                                                Gansett Island: Episode 1: Victoria & Shannon

                                                                Gansett Island Episodes 2: Kevin & Cheslsea

                                                                I Saw Her Standing There

                                                                I Want To Hold Your Hand

                                                                It’s Only Love

                                                                Light After Dark

                                                                Love After Dark

                                                                Sex God

                                                                Sex Machine

                                                                You’ll Be Mine


Gable, Michelle                                 The Book of Summer

Garrison, Bill                                       The Heart of Christmas

Gayle, Brenda                                    Twice and Forever

Giffin, Emily                                        First Comes Love

Grey, S. R.                                            Complications on Ice

Destiny On Ice

                                                                Resistance On Ice

Griffin, Laura                                      Cover of Night



Hanna, Rachel                                   Christmas In Magnolia Cove

Harmel, Kristin                                  When We Meet Again

Harper, Cheryl                                   Winner Takes All

Harris, Lynn Raye                             Hot Witness

Hart, Alyne                                         Rocking Autumn

Hart, Liliana                                         Dirty Deeds

Hatfield, Shanna                               Garden Of Her Heart

Hatfield, Shanna                               Taste Of Tara

Hawkins, Paula                                  Girl On The Train

Hawkins, Paula                                  Into the Water

Hay-Desimone, Corkey                  Cherry Blossom Friends

Hellstrom, Roslund                          3 Minutes

Helm, G. Lloyd                                   Serpents and Doves

Holmes, Steena                                Captured By Chocolate

                                                                Charmed By Chocolate

Hornak, Francesca                           Seven Days of Us

Hulme, Joy                                          Easter Babies-A Springtime Counting Book

Hurwitz, Lee                                       Capital City

Hutchison, Dot                                  The Butterfly Garden


James, Brian                                       Easter Bunny’s On His Way

James, Leigh                                       Lauren

Jance, J. A.                                          Proof of Life

Jayne, Sinclair                                    Halloween at the Graff

Jio, Sarah                                             Always

Joyce, Linda                                        Behind The Mask



Keels, Nadine                                    World of the Innocent

Kennedy, Anne                                 Herbal Medicine

Kim, Zoe                                              Minimalism for Families

Kincheloe, Jennifer                         The Woman in the Camphor Trunk

Kingsbury, Karen                              The Bridge

Knight, Ciara                                       The Miracle Mountain Christmas

Koenings, Milou                                                The Kampala Peppermint Twist

Kurtze, John                                       The Littlest Hunter: The Journey Begins


Lowe, Megan                                     Breaking The Cycle

                                                                No Place To Hide

Lund, Tami                                          Mirror Mirror

Luyken, Corinna                                The Book of Mistakes



Macomber, Debbie                         A Girls Guide To Moving On

Manchester, Steven                       Ashes

Mangan, John                                    Into A Dark Frontier

Mariel, Amanda                                Her Perfect Rogue

                                                                Hot Winter Nights Collection

                                                                How To Kiss A Rogue

                                                                Scandalous Intentions

                                                                Scandalous Redemption

                                                                Scandalous Wallflower

Marik, Diana                                       The Blue Veil

                                                                Veil Of Mists

                                                                Veil Of Shadows

Mason, Debbie                                 The Trouble With Christmas

Mason, Nina                                       Hot Winter Nights Collection

                                                                Jane Grey

                                                                The Twelve Nights of Christmas

Matthews, Jessica                           Stretching To Stay Young

McBride, Jean                                    Talking To Children About Divorce

McClone, Melissa                             A Thankful Heart

                                                                Mistletoe Magic

                                                                The Chocolate Touch

                                                                The Valentine Quest

McDonald, Jim                                   Twilight to Sun Shine

McDonell, Monique                        Any Way You Slice It

McKissack, Riley                                A Killer In The City

                                                                About A Girl

Bayou Curse

                                                                Death In The City

                                                                Deadly Undercurrents

                                                                Missed Chances

                                                                No Escape From A Killer

                                                                No Trust In The City

                                                                Not By Chance

                                                                Storm Warnings

                                                                Targeted to Kill

                                                                Taunted By A Killer

                                                                Tempted to Kill

                                                                The Gravetenders List

                                                                Where I Come From

McKnight, Christina                         A Kiss At Christmastide

                                                                Bedded Under a Christmastide Moon

                                                                Hot Winter Nights Collection

Miller, Jennifer                                 Charming

Moe, Laura                                         Breakfast With Neruda

Mooney, Bryan                                 Christmas In Vermont


Novak, Brenda                                  When Lightning Strikes


O’Berry, Nan                                      Always, Clay

Olvera, Jennifer                                The Meat Lovers Slow Cooker Cookbook


Parmley, Debra                                 A Desperate Journey

                                                                Isabella Bride of Ohio

                                                                Trapping The Butterfly

Pavilack, Lori                                      Pain Free Posture Handbook

Perrin, Kayla                                       Her Angel

Pettrey, Dani                                      Cold Shot

Pinder, Victoria                                 Returning For Valentines

Porter, Jane                                        A Christmas Miracle For Daisy


Reece, Christy                                   Chance Encounter

                                                                Nothing To Lose

                                                                Rescue Me

                                                                Running On Empty

                                                                Running Scared

                                                                Too Far Gone

                                                                Whatever It Takes

                                                                Running Wild

Richards, Emilie                                 Dragonslayer

                                                                From Glowing Embers

                                                                Out Of The Ashes

                                                                Rainbow Fire

                                                                Smoke Screen

                                                                The Swallow’s Nest

                                                                The Unmasking

                                                                When We Were Sisters

Riley, Lia                                               Upside Down

Riviera, Josie                                      Seeking Catherine

Robbins, Mike                                   365 Inspirational Quotes

Roberts, Justin W. M.                     The Policewoman

Romano-Lax, Andromeda             Behave

Rosemond-Hoerr, Elena                The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook

Rosenfelt, David                               Collared

Ryan, Jennifer                                   At Wolf Ranch

Ryan, L R                                              Eliza Builds


Salonen, Debra                                 Montana Secret Santa

                                                                Sweet Summers Kiss

Schultz, Tamsen                               A Darkness Black

Scott, Jessica                                      Homefront

Seago, R. L.                                         Tears Of The Innocent

Sellers, L J                                            Guilt Game

Senhaji, Jennifer                              Angels In Disguise

Serine, Kate                                        Deceived

Seskis, Tina                                         One Step Too Far

Shepherd, Kaithlin                           Fight For Me

                                                                Forgive Me

                                                                Make Me Whole

Shere, Heather                                 Honey Bee

Simler, Isabelle                                 The Blue Hour

Smith, Lauren                                    Hot Winter Nights Collection

                                                                The Rogues Seduction

Snopek, Roxanne                             The Chocolate Comeback

                                                                The Chocolate Cure

Spade, T.J.                                           Take You Apart

                                                                Take You To Hell

                                                                Take You Home

St. Klaire, Stephanie                       Brothers Keeper 1

                                                                Fall Fling






                                                                Sneaking Up On Love

Stacey, Shannon                               Heat Exchange

Stevens, Mark                                   Cooking with Spices




Thomas, Marin                                  Sweet Home Cowboy

                                                                The Promise Of Forgiveness

Thompson, Lauren                          Love One Another, The Last Days of Jesus

Tibbitts, C A                                        Christmas In DC

Tideswell, Maggie                            A Convenient Marriage

Tierney-Bedord, Holly                    Right Under Your Nose

Torres, Reina                                      Always, Ransom

                                                                Always, Wyeth

                                                                Beneath The Surface

                                                                Finding Home

                                                                Healing Hearts

                                                                Her Gentle Heart

                                                                Her UnBearable Protector

                                                                His UnBearable Touch

Home To Roost

                                                                Playing With Fire

                                                                Stay With Me

                                                                Taking A Chance

Treanor, Tim                                       Capital City

Tualla, Leila                                         Storm of Hope

Tyler, Kara                                           Ninja Bunnys Great Adventure



Wallace, Kristin                                 Finding You At Christmas

Webb, Debra                                     A Deeper Grave

                                                                Dark Whispers

                                                                No Darker Place

                                                                Still Waters

                                                                The Blackest Crimson

                                                                The Coldest Fear

Wechsler, Pamela                            Mission Hill

                                                                The Graves

Wells, Robin                                       The French War Bride

Winfield, Ryan                                   South of Bixby Bridge

Wing, Natasha                                   The Night Before Easter

Woods, Tess                                       Beautiful Messy Love



Yates, Maisy                                       Hold Me Cowboy


revised  November 15, 2017

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