Reviews by Author

Reviews by Author




Acorn, Anne

·         Snowbound for Christmas

Adair, Marina                                    

·         Chasing I Do

Adams, Noelle

·         Christmas at Eden Manor

Alstedter, Nikki

·         Pain Free Posture Handbook

Anderson, Michelle

·         Clean Eating Weeknight Plan

Anderson, Toni

·         Cold Malice

Andre, Bella

·         I Love How You Love Me

·         Kissing Under The Mistletoe

Andresen, Tammy                          

·         Christmastide with my Captain

·         Earl of Sussex

·         Hot Winter Nights Collection

·         My Enemy, My Earl

·         Stealing a Lady’s Heart

·         Taming A Christmas Wallflower

·         Taming A Duke’s Heart

·         Taming A Duke’s Reckless Heart

·         Taming a Duke’s Wild Rose

·         Taming a Lairds Wild Lady

·         Taming a Rake Into A Lord

·         Taming a Rogue Earl

·         Taming A Savage Gentleman

·         The Golden Rules of Love

·         The Wicked Earls’ Club

Ankrum, Barbara

·         The Cowgirls Christmas Wish

Archer, Angela Christina

·         As the Liquor Flows

Arrow, Robert

·         The Twelve Stitches of Christmas

Ashby, Anne

·         Impossible Liaison

Austin, Winter


Banister, Tracie                                

·         Mixing It Up

Barrett, Grant                                   

·         Perfect English Grammar

Barron, Lynne                                   

·         Courting Chaos

Belcamino, Kristi                              

·         Blessed are the Peacemakers

·         Gia in the City of the Dead

·         The Saint

Bennett, Amy Rose

·         An Improper Christmas

·         Hot Winter Nights Collection

·         The Master of Strathburn

Berlin, Irving      

·         Easter Parade

Bielman, Robin 

·         Once Upon A Royal Christmas

Blake, Sienna                                    

·         Beautiful Revenge

·         Hanging In The Stars

·         Love Sprung From Hate

·         Mr. Blackwell’s Bride

·         The Scent Of Roses

Boyd, Heather                                  

·         Hot Winter Nights Collection

·         The Duke and I

Boyett, Jason

·         Lust, Chaos, and Fate: Greek Mythology

Brennan, Allison                              

·         Shattered

Brett, Jan                                            

·         The Mermaid

Brooks, Kathleen                             

·         Bluegrass Dawn

·         The Keeneston Roses

·         The Perfect Gift

Brower, Dawn  

·         Hot Winter Nights Collection

·         Secluded with My Hellion

·         Snowflake Kisses


Bruner, Sondi                                    

·         Candida Free Cookbook

Burns, K.S.R.                                      

·         The Paris Effect

Burrell, Teresa                                  

·         Mason’s Missing

Bush, Christine                                 

·         Meddling Mona



Carmichael, C.J.                               

·         A Bramble House Christmas

·         A Cowgirls Christmas

·         Bitter Roots

·         Buried

·         Devoted To Her Cowboy

·         Exposed

·         Forgotten

·         Good Together

·         Melt My Heart Cowboy

·         Snowbound In Montana

·         Sweet Dreams Baby

Carmichael, Kathy                           

·         Chasing Charlie

Carpenter, Rebecca                       

·         Butterfly Bones

Carroll-Bradd, Linda

·         Gingerbread Wishes


Chastain, Nancy

·         Obsession


Collins, Dani

·         His Christmas Miracle

Cook, Carmen

·         Coming in Hot

Cooper, Sharon

·         Superfood Spike

Correll, Kay

·         The Christmas Scarf

Cote, Lynn

·         Mistletoe and Sage

Curran, DP

·         Swampoodle


Dallen, Maggie

·         Sweet Tricks

·         The Wicked Earls’ Club

Dell, Harper       

·         Holding My Breath

·         Lifesaver

·         Miracle Guy

Devon, Eva

·         A Rogue’s Christmas Kiss

Donovan, Robin

·         The Deceptively Easy Dessert Cookbook

Drewry, Laura                                   

·         Catch and Release

·         Lured In

·         Off The Hook

Duke, Violet

·         Jackson’s Trust

Durano, Liz

·         Everything She Ever Wanted


Eligen, Pamela                                  

·         Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook

Ellen, Cassi                                         

·         Story Of A Secret Heart

Ellison, J T                                           

·         Lie To Me

English, Raine                                   

·         Amy

·         An Angel For Christmas

·         Destiny’s Secret

·         From Now On

·         Loves Light

·         Saving Laurel

·         Second Glance/Fall into Romance Box Set

·         Shadows and Lies

Epstein, Shannon

·         The Easy Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook


Falcone, Carmen                             

·         Brazilian Capture

·         Forbidden Inmate

·         Forbidden Step Brother

·         Forbidden Virgin

Faye, Jennifer

·         Snowbound with an Heiress

Feenstra, Paul

·         Boundary

·         Falls Ende: The Oath

Firsts, Meredith

·         Gridley Girls

FitzSimmons, Matthew

·         Cold Harbor

Foley, Karen

·         A Hummingbird Christmas

Force, Marie                                      

·         A Gansett Island Christmas

·         All You Need Is Love

·         And I Love Her

·         Can’t Buy Me Love

·         Celebration After Dark

·         Desire After Dark

·         Every Little Thing

·         Fatal Frenzy, Book 9

·         Fatal Identity, Book 10

·         Fatal Scandal, Book 8

·         Gansett Island: Episode 1: Victoria & Shannon

·         Gansett Island Episodes 2: Kevin & Cheslsea

·         I Saw Her Standing There

·         I Want To Hold Your Hand

·         It’s Only Love

·         Light After Dark

·         Love After Dark

·         Sex God

·         Sex Machine

·         You’ll Be Mine

Furman, Katherine

·         The Gratitude Journal for Women



Gable, Michelle                                

·         The Book of Summer

Gaddy, Eve                                        

·         The Doctors Christmas Proposal

Garrison, Bill

·         The Heart of Christmas

Gayle, Brenda

·         Twice and Forever

Gibson, Pamela

·         The Christmas Angel

Giffin, Emily                                       

·         First Comes Love

Grant, Donna

·         The Christmas Cowboy Hero

Grey, S. R.

·         Complications on Ice

·         Destiny On Ice

·         Resistance On Ice

Griffin, Laura

·         Cover of Night



Hanna, Rachel                                  

·         Christmas In Magnolia Cove

Harmel, Kristin                                 

·         When We Meet Again

Harper, Cheryl                                  

·         Winner Takes All

Harris, Lynn Raye                            

·         Hot Witness

Hart, Alyne                                        

·         Rocking Autumn

Hart, Liliana                                        

·         Dirty Deeds

Hatfield, Shanna                              

·         Garden Of Her Heart

·         Taste Of Tara

·         Untangling Christmas

Hawkins, Paula                                 

·         Girl On The Train

·         Into the Water

Hay-Desimone, Corkey                 

·         Cherry Blossom Friends

Hellstrom, Roslund                         

·         3 Minutes

Helm, G. Lloyd                                  

·         Serpents and Doves

Hendriks, Greer                               

·         The Wife Between Us


Holmes, Steena                               

·         Captured By Chocolate

·         Charmed By Chocolate

Hornak, Francesca                          

·         Seven Days of Us

Hulme, Joy                                         

·         Easter Babies-A Springtime Counting Book

Hurwitz, Lee                                      

·         Capital City

Hutchison, Dot                                 

·         The Butterfly Garden


James, Brian                                      

·         Easter Bunny’s On His Way

James, Leigh

·         Lauren

·         A Liberty Christmas


Jance, J. A.                                         

·         Proof of Life

Jayne, Sinclair                                   

·         Halloween at the Graff

Jio, Sarah                                            

·         Always

Joyce, Linda                                       

·         Behind The Mask



Keels, Nadine                                   

·         World of the Innocent

Kennedy, Anne                                

·         Herbal Medicine

Kim, Zoe                                             

·         Minimalism for Families

Kincheloe, Jennifer                        

·         The Woman in the Camphor Trunk

Kingsbury, Karen

·         The Bridge

·         Maggie’s Miracle


Knight, Ciara                                      

·         The Miracle Mountain Christmas

Koenings, Milou                                               

·         The Kampala Peppermint Twist

Kurtze, John                                      

·         The Littlest Hunter: The Journey Begins


Lane, Soraya

·         Cowboy Stole My Heart


Light, N. N.

·         N. N. Light’s Book of Daily Inspiration

Lowe, Megan                                    

·         Breaking The Cycle

·         No Place To Hide

Lund, Tami                                         

·         Mirror Mirror

Luyken, Corinna

·         The Book of Mistakes



Macomber, Debbie                        

·         A Girls Guide To Moving On

Manchester, Steven

·         Ashes

·         The Thursday Night Club Collection


Mangan, John                                   

·         Into A Dark Frontier

Mariel, Amanda                               

·         Her Perfect Rogue

·         Hot Winter Nights Collection

·         How To Kiss A Rogue

·         Scandalous Intentions

·         Scandalous Redemption

·         Scandalous Wallflower

Marik, Diana                                      

·         The Blue Veil

·         Veil Of Mists

·         Veil Of Shadows

Mason, Debbie                                

·         The Trouble With Christmas

Mason, Nina                                      

·         Hot Winter Nights Collection

·         Jane Grey

·         The Twelve Nights of Christmas

Matthews, Jessica                          

·         Stretching To Stay Young

McBride, Jean                                   

·         Talking To Children About Divorce

McClone, Melissa                            

·         A Thankful Heart

·         Mistletoe Magic

·         The Chocolate Touch

·         The Valentine Quest

McDonald, Jim

·         Life Changes

·         Twilight to Sun Shine

McDonell, Monique

·         Any Way You Slice It

McKissack, Riley                               

·         A Killer In The City

·         About A Girl

·         Bayou Curse

·         Death In The City

·         Deadly Undercurrents

·         Missed Chances

·         No Escape From A Killer

·         No Trust In The City

·         Not By Chance

·         Storm Warnings

·         Targeted to Kill

·         Taunted By A Killer

·         Tempted to Kill

·         The Gravetenders List

·         Where I Come From

McKnight, Christina

·         A Kiss At Christmastide

·         Bedded Under a Christmastide Moon

·         Hot Winter Nights Collection

Miller, Jennifer                                

·         Charming

Moe, Laura                                        

·         Breakfast With Neruda

Mooney, Bryan                                

·         Christmas In Vermont


Newell, Kaylie                                   

·         Christmas at the Graff

Novak, Brenda

·         When Lightning Strikes


O’Berry, Nan

·         Always, Clay

Olvera, Jennifer

·         The Meat Lovers Slow Cooker Cookbook


Parmley, Debra                                

·         A Desperate Journey

·         Isabella Bride of Ohio

·         The Twelve Stitches of Christmas

·         Trapping The Butterfly

Pavilack, Lori

·         Pain Free Posture Handbook

Pekkanen, Sarah

·         The Wife Between Us


Perrin, Kayla

·         Her Angel

Pettrey, Dani                                     

·         Cold Shot

Pinder, Victoria

·         Returning For Valentines

Porter, Jane

·         A Christmas Miracle For Daisy


Reece, Christy

·         Chance Encounter

·         Nothing To Lose

·         Rescue Me

·         Running On Empty

·         Running Scared

·         Too Far Gone

·         Whatever It Takes

·         Running Wild

Richards, Emilie

·         Dragonslayer

·         From Glowing Embers

·         Out Of The Ashes

·         Rainbow Fire

·         Smoke Screen

·         The Swallow’s Nest

·         The Unmasking

·         When We Were Sisters

Riley, Lia

·         Upside Down

Riviera, Josie

·         Seeking Catherine

Robbins, Mike

·         365 Inspirational Quotes

Roberts, Justin W. M.

·         The Policewoman

Romano-Lax, Andromeda

·         Behave

Rosemond-Hoerr, Elena

·         The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook

Rosenfelt, David

·         Collared

Ryan, Jennifer

·         At Wolf Ranch

Ryan, L R

·         Eliza Builds


Salonen, Debra

·         Montana Secret Santa

·         My Christmas Angel

·         Sweet Summers Kiss

Schultz, Tamsen

·         A Darkness Black

Scott, Jessica

·         Homefront

Seago, R. L.

·         Tears Of The Innocent

Sellers, L J

·         Guilt Game

Senhaji, Jennifer

·         Angels In Disguise

Serine, Kate

·         Deceived

Seskis, Tina

·          One Step Too Far

Shepherd, Kaithlin

·         Fight For Me

·         Forgive Me

·         Make Me Whole

Shere, Heather

·         Honey Bee

Simler, Isabelle

·         The Blue Hour

Simmons, Pat

·         Couple by Christmas

Smith, Lauren

·         Hot Winter Nights Collection

·         The Rogues Seduction

Snopek, Roxanne

·         The Chocolate Comeback

·         The Chocolate Cure

Snow, Mirissa

·         Building on Love

·         Flowers with Love

Spade, T.J.

·         Take You Apart

·         Take You To Hell

·         Take You Home

St. Klaire, Stephanie

·         Brothers Keeper 1

·         Fall Fling

·         Fearless

·         Forgotten

·         Hidden

·         Liar

·         Redemption

·         Rescued

·         Sneaking Up On Love

Stacey, Shannon

·         Heat Exchange

Stevens, Mark

·         Cooking with Spices



Thomas, Marin

·         New Year’s at the Graff

·         Sweet Home Cowboy

·         The Promise Of Forgiveness

Thompson, Lauren

·         Love One Another, The Last Days of Jesus

Tibbitts, C A

·         Christmas In DC

Tideswell, Maggie

·         A Convenient Marriage

Tierney-Bedord, Holly

·         Right Under Your Nose

Torres, Reina                                     

·         Always, Ransom

·         Always, Wyeth

·         Beneath The Surface

·         Finding Home

·         Healing Hearts

·         Her Gentle Heart

·         Her UnBearable Protector

·         His UnBearable Touch

·         Hold Her Close

·         Home To Roost

·         Playing With Fire

·         Stay With Me

·         Taking A Chance

·         The Tiger’s Innocent Bride

·         Too Much Bear


Treanor, Tim

·         Capital City

Tualla, Leila

·         Storm of Hope

Tyler, Kara

·         Ninja Bunnys Great Adventure


Vernon, Katie

·         The Gratitude Journal for Women



Wallace, Kristin

·         Finding You At Christmas

Webb, Debra

·         A Deeper Grave

·         Dark Whispers

·         No Darker Place

·         Still Waters

·         The Blackest Crimson

·         The Coldest Fear

Wechsler, Pamela

·         Mission Hill

·         The Graves

Wells, Robin

·         The French War Bride

Winfield, Ryan

·         South of Bixby Bridge

Wing, Natasha

·         The Night Before Easter

Woods, Tess

·         Beautiful Messy Love

Woolf, Cynthia

·         A Family for Christmas



Yates, Maisy

·         Hold Me Cowboy


Revised: 1/17/18


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