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This is my stop during the blog tour for Spent Identity by Marlene M. Bell. This blog tour is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 4 till 24 May. Scroll down to enter the tour wide giveaway for a chance to win a prize package. You can see the tour schedule here.

Spent IdentitySpent Identity (Annalisse Series #2)
By Marlene M. Bell
Genre: Mystery/ Suspense
Age category: Adult

To find her missing aunt, she has to unearth the secrets of the past. But lies and deceit run though the very heart of their town…

What started out as a promising relationship with adventurer and tycoon Alec Zavos has fizzled into an uncertain future for antiquities expert Annalisse Drury. Returning to Walker Farm in Upstate New York to see her Aunt Kate should have been a welcome homecoming and distraction. Instead, she finds the childhood home she expected to inherit is for sale, without her permission. What’s worse, Kate’s ranch manager makes a gruesome discovery in the barn: the body of an unidentified man, dead by foul play.

Annalisse turns to Alec for help. She and her aunt shelter on his estate in the Catskills while the authorities canvass the scene. But when Kate herself disappears without a trace, Annalisse fears the worst: that one of the many secrets of her hometown has ensnared her family—a secret someone is willing to kill for to keep hidden.

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Spent Identity won the 2020 Independent Press Award for Best Mystery!
Spent Identity award winner
First book in the series:
Stolen Obsession (Annalisse Series #1) by Marlene M. Bell
Stolen Obsession
“People die, but legends live on.”Links:
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Walker Barn (opening)

“The decomposing corpse churned with insect larvae. Inspector Stewart calculated that in a few short hours, most of the girl’s flesh would be eaten by—” He stum­bled in the dirt; his nose buried deep inside the latest copy of NZ Inspector. The farm chores could wait. He had to know how the murder mystery ended. Leaning against a fence post, he thumbed to the last page and glanced down. A pink lump shaped like a horseshoe rested out of place near his wellie boots. “Gum, here?” Miss Walker hated chewing gum. He folded the detec­tive magazine in half and shoved it in a back pocket. “That’s not gum. What the…?”

A row of dirty teeth embedded the object.

In disbelief, he bent over and examined the den­tures. Miss Walker had all her teeth. The real ones. “Whose are these?”

His eyes followed gouges in the dirt that led to the barn. He left the teeth behind for the moment and cau­tiously tread outside the marks. Something or someone had left the trail along the ground. He stopped mid-stride. Should he stay and investigate or warn his boss?

Check on Miss Walker.

He broke into a dead run for the farmhouse, but as he sped up near the barn, a piss-awful smell hosed him. Pulling out his magazine, he covered his nose and mouth. Decay thickened the hot air. He opened the barn doors, gasped, and dropped to his knees.

“Bugger! Miss Walker’s horse is dead!” He checked the mare’s stall, but she was inside, alive, with her ears pinned back. “If it’s not Maggie, what—” He spun a quarter turn and stared at two human legs sticking out of the first stall.

End of Excerpt




Marlene M. Bell

About the Author:
Marlene M. Bell is an award-winning writer and acclaimed artist as well as a photographer. Her sheep landscapes grace the covers of Sheep!, The Shepherd, Ranch & Rural Living, and Sheep Industry News, to name a few.

Her catalog venture, Ewephoric, began in 1985 out of her desire to locate personalized sheep stationery. She rarely found sheep products through catalogs and set out to design them herself. Order Ewephoric gifts online or request a catalog at

Marlene and her husband, Gregg, reside in beautiful East Texas on a wooded ranch with their dreadfully spoiled horned Dorset sheep, a large Maremma guard dog named Tia, along with Hollywood, Leo, and Squeaks, the cats that believe they rule the household—and do.

You can find and contact Marlene M. Bell here:

There is a tour wide giveaway for the blog tour of Spent Identity. One winner will win a prize package (US Only) with a total value of $350. The prize package contains the following items:
– 1000 piece puzzle (High Tide)
– Large Beach tote. Handmade in US
– Jewelry Organizer with author’s logo (key design) Made in US
– Vintage silver cuff bracelet (Greek Key design)
– Autographed copies of both books in the Annalisse Series
– Companion lined notebook.Spent Identity Giveaway prize package

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  1. Marlene is such a sweetheart and an excellent writer! I’ve done a tour for this book with another tour host, and Marlene was awesome about it! Loved the excerpt. Thanks for posting!

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